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Since 2011, we have been successfully advising, supporting & developing Executives, teams and organizations.

Suppose tonight, after you have gone to bed and fallen asleep, a miracle happens!

The miracle is that the problem or problems you are struggling with are solved! That’s exactly it! However, since you are asleep, you don’t know that a miracle has happened. You are simply sleeping through the whole thing. Then, when you wake up in the morning, what would be one of the first things you would notice that would be different and that would tell you that the miracle has happened and your problem has been solved?

That is a question, we learned from Steve de Shazer and we love to hear your answer. We will learn so much from that answer, cause our believe is: Our clients have all the knowledge to enable true transformation – in themselves, their teams – even in their organizations. And we are realistic – we believe in miracles.
the turnaround is our new home, where we offer, what matters to us most as experienced consultants, knowing how to solve complex problems, structure development and unleash a culture of innovation.

You manage large companies and areas and have experienced the following?

Endless unfinished transformation approaches, that newer flew and only lived on strategic slides for a management life cycle. 

Complex political conflicts of interest, that kept you from being successful, damaged your reputation and your career.

Changing expectations of employees on how to commit themselves to your business since COVID 19 started and as a result significantly more employees planning a career change and leaving the company.

Deeply escalated conflicts in your Management Board, team or between business units, that make your meetings ineffective, because you can not get to alignments on common interests, where to move forward to together.

Too many employees and leaders on board who decided to become residents of your organization rather than committed and powerful contributors to achieve the best results for your customers and partners.

Why theturnaround?

It is therefore time for a new kind of consulting: innovative business models, rapid technology cycles, social change, global networking, the need to digitize sustainably and to take the team along with them are presenting organizations and companies with new challenges. Many established consulting approaches try to respond to these new challenges with classic solutions and develop concepts that are far removed from practice.

For a successful transformation, we see the tangible change in the relationships of all those involved as an essential factor, as well as the development of the personal maturity and awareness of all those involved. Especially in complex change processes, unconscious processes are decisive for the actual success of the project.  Our answer: We combine psychology with restructuring, look at your organizational dynamics with a systemic view and thus lay the foundation for a sustainable and effective transformation together with our clients.  

With this complementary approach, we combine classic strategy and management consulting and restructuring expertise with psychology and systemic consulting that puts people first.

What we do with


We work with Executives in such a way that they can remain stable for themselves although in the face of extremely dynamic, contradictory challenges. We develop self-concepts for top management that lead to better decisions for the organization. What we offer: personality development, inner growth and positive energy for the reorganization of management thinking & leadership communication.

 We offer change of perspective between stabilisation and innovation and help stakeholders and decision makers understand  dynamics, they have not been aware of. We give advice on tailored steps, that enable success.


We create setups, that illuminate the sparkle of the future, by prototyping, what teams want to live in their future.

We develop the quality of relationsships, the clarity of roles & responsibilities. We improve trust levels, collaboration maturity and feedback culture.

We love to overcome obstacles in collaboration by helping teams and groups to become, what they want to be in order to be successful in the future.

We master tailor dynamic workshop formats (remote and f2f), that significantly advance business issues as well as collaboration and team spirit. We also facilitate deeply escalated conflicts as mediators.


We work with the whole organization and our internal partners in a structured and at the same time energetic and agile way.

The challenge of Leadership & Management in the 21 century seems to be to manoeuvre between stabilisation and transformation through volatile times.

We bring the experience of 15 years in line Management in combination with 10 years of Experience as Transformation Experts to the table. We are passionate about working on business challenges and helping to develop hybrid sustainable working environments.

We build experimental learning designs – sometimes through homeopathic impulses (because a lot is not always effective), sometimes through implementation of big transformation Roadmaps.


What we do to strengthen decision-makers and managers:
Clarity, calm and energy to reorganize cognition.

What we do to promote the potential of teams:
Clarity, calm and energy to reorganize communication.

What we do to promote the potential of teams:
Clarity, calm and energy to reorganize communication.

What we do with organizations:
Figure out what works together for the future. Enabling incisive fundamental change. Adapting business from emergence of the organization

What we offer

Effective impulses for organizations.

We support organizations with effective impulses that support managers and employees in their development and improve results. We combine our many years of change process and implementation experience with specialist know-how to create an integrated, holistic consulting process. We know: A lot is not always effective. Therefore, we sometimes come up with homeopathic impulses and sometimes implement bigger transformation roadmaps. 

One of our core competence is the design and facilitation of dynamic and interactive large group events – whether for 30 or more than 1000 people. We accompany large group events adapted to your company situation with careful preparation in which individual employees and executives are already involved. This ensures a connectable and tailor-made design and already mobilizes the first energy for change. 

With our professional facilitation, people feel safe, and the goal of the event is achieved. We are familiar with large group formats like rapid action lab, future search conference, appreciative inquiry summits, open space technology, world cafe, marketplaces, etc., but our specialty is in innovative formats (f2f and remote, using the tools our clients love).

In any case, our small and bigger impulses, workshops and interventions ignite the fire in your employees and executives and thus the energy for the future.

What can we do for you?

Successful measures for Business Transformations.

The pace of necessary change today has no historical precedent. Forecasts are quickly outdated. Volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity define organizational reality and have increased further as a result of the pandemic. Corporate and organizational development is currently more challenging than ever. There are no patent remedies. Because often it is not simply about optimizing or changing – it is about reinventing.

We help stakeholders understand the dynamics and invent tailored steps that are geared to market conditions and take into account digital development potential as well as industry-specific requirements. 

We are passionate about working on business challenges and offer a change of perspective and master tailored measures to overcome the obstacles, that keep you from being successful. We are experienced partners in strategic and tactical questions and help you to step forward in preparing decisions on structural changes and how to implement them or reposition your business strategically on the market.

We love working on business challenges in a lively way, enabling tangible change in teams and organizations.

What can we do for you?

Initiate and execute fundamental change in your company‘s culture, communication, personnel and structures.

Fundamental change sometimes involves hard cuts. And positively managed it is always about communicating the WHY and finding people who can be touched and inspired to enable a (different) future together.

Our consulting approach integrates a strategic, structural and cultural view on your organization and business. It enhances your creative and proactive role in optimizing or redesigning your organization and its respective environment. We honor what is already there and invite you to work with agile learning and organizational forms. Involving top management as well as employees and leaders across all levels and areas prepares the ground for embarking on a sustainable transformation.

What can we do for you?

Effectively develop leaders and executive staff.

Anyone can lead in easy times. But giving employees orientation and leadership in times of crisis, on the other hand, is a real challenge. We support your managers in becoming aware of their strengths in this situation and in using their skills effectively for your company. In everything we do, we focus on the specific challenges your managers face. We provide them with tools that they can apply immediately in their day-to-day work. Also we offer psychological and systemic knowledge to build capacity in understanding complex dynamics wiht systemic mindset and transformation tools. For many years we tailor learning journeys that fit the competency gaps, that you Managing Directors identified in their executive staff and in themselves.

 Our Leadership Development approach is based on the assumption, that leadership quality depends on management skills, fit of structure & roles to the business needs context and the quality of the relationships in that structure.

Therefore, Management and  Leaders need to clarify  their expectations towards each other, also in agile roles or Matrix Organizations. It must become clear, what is the common interest of the whole organization, and where everyone truly commits herself/himself to contribute to the whole.  If truely commited besides particular interests this is one of the things, that open up a “power-road” to the future.

Would you like to lead in that scenario?

Dealing with conflicts as mediators.

You are in an escalated situation? e.g. between works council and management, between different divisions or departments, in your management team? There are lawsuits pending and you are considering mediation before going to court. 

In Bernhard Kressin and Stefanie Neubeck you will find two certified mediators for business conflicts in our team. We will gladly inform you about the all-partial mediation procedure, the legal framework and the process of mediation. This expertise is of cause also an asset during ongoing transformation processes and is sometimes useful during facilitation with the approval of the client.

Mediation is a process of conflict resolution in which qualified persons mediates between the disputing parties as neutral facilitators, who have no part in the conflict themselves. To this end, mediators apply proven methods to accompany you as parties to the conflict in such a way that you overcome the communication difficulties, that have so far stood in the way of an understanding.

What can we do for you?

Transformative Executive Coaching.

We accompany Executives in coaching and combine expert advice and consulting with a view to the organization with personal change topics and the reflection on effectiveness as a corporate leader. We clarify question and intent, we help you to move into the contexts that matter. 

We understand coaching as a goal-oriented process and space for structuring and orientation through reflection on a meta-level and deceleration, so that speed in the implementation of tasks and deeper personal development for the coachees can arise.  And of course, humor and laughter should not be missing, together with cordiality and lightness, which are also helpful in very goal-oriented and structured development processes.

Togehter with you we build powerful impulses and formats step by step the path to a successful future, for you personally and in your role, for you as a leader with your team and for the whole organization, in which we set the topics in motion that give you momentum for the future.

What can we do for you?

Set your Business back on track in or after a crisis and maintain sustained competitiveness.

Change is ugly. Restructuring of cause is even uglier. We know, what restructuring means and recommend to invest in the reorganization in times. Growing Organizations need a partner to help them build capacity and keep the team in positive spirit- even in challenging times. What got you here, won‘t get you there. As Managing Directors, you know about it all. It keeps you awake at night.  Costs arising from mismanagement and resistance are avoidable, retaining the best and most loyal is priceless.   

We are smart tailors and down-to-earth experts in reviewing together with you on which levels transformation is needed and where your strategic decisisions will be flying and make structurally sense, where to proceed and structure differently in order to remain fit for the future. We develop beyond the buzzwords as experts along your DNA – step by step. 

What can we do for you?

Execute Business Mergers.

In recent years, we have accompanied mergers and therefore know that it is important to set the right course in good time for a value-enhancing corporate merger. In our experience, the step-by-step integration of the companies involved is a systemic task. Therefore, with a view to the team and communication of the future story, more is needed than the support provided by transactional services of many accounting firms, which sometimes provide less experienced teams because, as consulting firms, they rely on graduates and develop them internally. Successful merger processes involve the corporate strategy just as much as the organizational structure and culture. We accompany you through the entire process until success is achieved.

What can we do for you?

Dealing with the sensitive issue of corporate succession.

Probably the top class of company transformation support. Family businesses are the backbone of our country and during COVID times, we have learned once more, how much we need „real entrepreneurs“. Yet handing over an owner-managed business to the next generation is challenging. For the organization, it means a transformation that affects all areas of the business. In such a highly complex and often conflictual change process, systemic management and HR consulting is ideally suited to guide the family or owners to constructive decisions and secure the company’s future.

What can we do for you?


Stefanie Neubeck

Experienced Expert, precise Analysist, pragmatic structurerer, warm-hearted refreshing attitude, a catalyst for the new. 

Funfacts: Professionally trained Jazzsinger and loves to bake cake at night.

Bernhard Kressin

Experienced Expert, master of stabilization, deep knowledge, provides clarity & humor, a keeper of the light.

Funfacts: Loves ACDC, takes good care of his family and likes to be in the forest.

„It was impressive, how you managed to control this group, guided us through the process. Always very aware of our needs.  Already in the first workshop impressive. Even more in this second. The best workshop, that I have experienced in my career.“

Marcel Lutz


„Your guidance was very valuable because you always brought me back to the core of the matter. I now have room to maneuver that I didn’t see before. The change of roles was also important. I can now simply put myself in …’s shoes‘ better.“

Philip Seubert

THE LAB, powered by Hoechst

„From the questions you have asked, it is obvious to me that you know where the frog has the curls!“

Juergen Christoph

Head of University Library, Technical University Berlin

„You totally picked us up. It was a good mix. I really liked your empathetic and professional view. It was great that you knew the background to our company. I felt understood.“

Paul Weitger

John Deere Company

„I learned so many things from these Workshops. Your attitude, the way, you where guiding us. So many tools you shared with us.  I said it already last time: this was the best workshop I have attended ever. You are a real role model in facilitation. I was also surprised, how well it goes virtually!“

Agnes Aschfalk

Professor, Berlin School of law and economics

„Because of the atmosphere you created, we talked and shared on a whole different level. Thank you so much for that. It’s a ‚first step‘ for the future.“

Lisa Viviana

Infineon Technologies

About Stefanie Neubeck.

Stefanie Neubeck has been working as an organizational consultant, management coach and leadership trainer for more than 15 years. With theturnaround, she rebranded her company synetz-international. Her work focuses on supporting complex change projects. Whether medium-sized businesses, international corporations, ministries or municipal enterprises – the experience- and result-oriented conception and implementation of customised development programmes and workshops for realignment in board or divisional management teams as well as the conception and facilitation of large group events are the core of her work. Before becoming a consultant, she worked as an artist and staged various theatre projects. This experience continues to flow into the support of change processes today. 

The international customers appreciate the clarity of the analysis, her unusual interventions and the refreshing attitude. 

About Bernhard Kressin.

After studying psychology, Bernhard Kressin worked for over 15 years as a human resources and line manager and as a bank manager. In 2010 he founded the company He was able to initiate and accompany several complex corporate changes in both the private and municipal sectors as a decision-maker and consultant. In the process, his conviction grew that the best possible solutions emerge from the interplay of attention to economic figures, data and facts with professional „leadership and change management“. With a systemic view, he concentrates on the sustainable accompaniment of complex change situations. 

There will be a video of him available soon. Meandwhile enjoy a short video about a social lab, Bernhard & Stefanie conducted in MALAWI in 2019: a RAPID ACTION LAB.


No one can predict the future.
But you can tell it in such a way that it moves many and therefore becomes reality.

Our asset as a small boutique consultancy is the autonomy in thinking, the years of experience of each of our colleagues. We don’t unload a bus of graduates on your project. The consultants you encounter are also the ones who will be in your house, advising, placing interventions, facilitating workshops, taking next steps with you, and staying by your side. Stabilizing, with expert-knowledge, solution-oriented with  an innovative toolbox, systemic and energetic.

As experience Consultants we want to work with customers who want real change and are looking for experts who become real partners and make the difference through their experiential knowledge.

Where management decisions become clear-sounding stories of the future that really flies, where slides become lived reality – that’s where we are at home with our consulting projects. 

  We support organizations with effective impulses that support managers and employees in their development and improve results. We combine our many years of change process and implementation experience with specialist know-how on Strategy development, HR-Management & restructuring  to create an integrated, holistic consulting process. We collaborate with partner Companies: Especially Kressin-consulting. Other Partners are: Koenigswieser & network, Spring-Consulting, Beyondagility, S-Tun, Personal-In-Veränderung, Kölnteam, NH-Consulting & Kommunikationspiloten.

What keeps you from being effective, turn around your business and create momentum for the future?

Let’s talk.

Berlin, Deutschland

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